Cloud Dough Recipes

Happy Hooligans -link- uses baby oil and white flour

Bounce Back Parenting -link- uses baby oil and cornm

Powerful Mothering -link- rainbow cloud dough

Little Bins For Little Hands -link- uses flour and any oil

Naturally Artists note: you can use gluten free flour

Recipe from image above:

PLEASE NOTE: This cloud dough recipe is not taste-safe! But you can easily make it taste-safe by switching baby oil for cooking oil.


  • Bin or container
  • 5 cups of flour (we have used all different kinds including gluten-free and buckwheat!)
  • 1 cup of baby oil (or cooking oil for taste-safe)
  • Play tools (we chose play dough accessories, kitchen tools and a small plastic bowl)


  1. Measure, pour and mix!  That’s it!  Add all ingredients to your sensory bin and mix them together.
  2. You should be able to grab a chunk of the cloud dough, mold it and have it hold. If not, you may need more oil. Too oily, add more flour!
  3. Add tools and play accessories to your cloud dough and time to play!”