Painting Natural Elements

Fantastic Fun And Learning -link- Painting seashells

Look We’re Learning -link- Leaf printing and mark making

The Artful Parent -link- Leaf rubbings with crayons, them water color painting over crayon

Danya Banya -link- Painting with and on sticks

Twitchetts -link- Painted sticks rainbow hanging

Brisbain Kids -link- Using natural elements to experiment with texture marks

Messy Little Monsters -link- Making paintbrushes with natural elements

Playful Learning -link- Flowers as brushes and prints

East TN Family Fun -link- Using natural elements to scratch into paint layer

Kids Craft Room -link- Uses some rolling natural objects similar to marbel art

Meri Cherry -link- Uses chalk on tree branches (I will try wet chalk)

Art Bar -link- Painting of a very long branch

Art Bar Blog -link- Children’s wooden blocks

Fire Flies and Mud Pies -link- painting wooden eggs

Meri Cherry -link- Painting mirrors outdoors