A Day with Naturally Artists


Relaxed entry to recieve children and give a moment for families to observe the way their children enter.


This is the moment when we begin with sitting in a circle to say good morning and make observations about who is present. As well, we recognize who is not present and have a moment being aware of each other. This is also when we sing songs together.


We wash hands and share fruit as a morning snack. Once the fruit is finished, children begin to investigate the different options of play throughout the space.


We tidy up, group into a circle again for a song that represents the time for lunch, wash hands, and help prepare the table for lunch.


Lunch is shared. As the children finish eating, they take their plates to a bucket, wash hands and can then play freely. The children that need naps will take them after eating.


Children begin to tidy up, we meet again to have a closing circle and songs or stories.


We open doors for families to begin to arrive to receive their child and have a relaxed moment preparing to leave the Naturally Artists space.


Doors close.